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Social media is the single fastest growing online sector in the UK and accounted for 2.4 billion visits during January 2011 (12.4% of all visits).

Social Networking Success

User engagement the key to social networking success. Not only are people visiting social sites more regularly, the time they spend on these websites is increasing, with the average session time spent on a social network in January 2011 being 22 minutes.

Benefits to Website Owners

Social Demographics

Social networks account for 13% of traffic sent to other websites in the UK, playing a large role in sending visits to content based websites, and offer an alternative to search engines as an online gateway to your business.

“Successful transactional websites will be those that learn to harness the power of social networks, driving traffic through to their own websites.”,
Robin Goad, Director, Experian Hitwise.

Utilising Social Networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter can increase your website traffic and offer real advantages to your business.

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